Vehicle Tracking System

Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) encompasses an overabundance of operations and services that provide critical vehicular information like location, speed, mileage, as well as ignition status.

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The Challenges

Known fact - Surviving in the cut-throat competition is the biggest challenge companies' face today. To keep business thriving in today's market, the only mantra is efficiency. So, along with striving to achieve the desired level of sophistication in fleet management, companies have to:

  • Ensure cost containment
  • Confirm driver safety
  • Analyze drivers’ performance, and so much more.
So, how do companies create a niche while juggling with other priorities on the list?

The Solution

Faster innovation and automation in your business by leveraging our end-to-end, efficient, and intelligent VTS solution to streamline fleet maintenance, reduce fleet expenses and operating costs, and improve fleet utilization.

What do we offer?

The salient features of our Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) are

GPS Tracking

Locate and keep an eye on vehicles, 24*7, at just your fingertips even in the most rural areas having inconsistent network speed. Know when your vehicles are moving, parked, or idle - all in one single interface

Vehicle Status Monitoring

Avoid vehicle and equipment downtime with our intelligent VTS solution. Embedded with new-age, cutting-edge technologies, our VTS solution can track vehicle status in real-time, detect faults, notify the concerned team(if faults found), and allow them to take measures proactively.


Increase operational efficiency, labor optimization, and most importantly, safety and security of drivers by creating virtual geographical boundaries called Geofences with our VTS solution. Get notified when your vehicles enter or leave the marked boundaries.

Alerts and Notifications

From over speeding to theft detection to rash driving to route deviation to drivers’ behavior tracking to excessive stoppage to vehicle idling to low GPS signal to the engine on/off, our VTS solution provides granular insights on fleet maintenance with various alert options.

Analytics and Reports

Gain actionable, valuable business insights from data patterns and trends and get comprehensive, customized reports to drive continuous improvement across your business with our dynamic VTS solution.

Transport Owner App

Enable your transport owners to manage fleet efficiently, streamline business operations, and save big at just their fingertips by delivering them a hassle-free mobile application with all-inclusive feature list:

  • Trip scheduling
  • Trip summary
  • Driver performance report
  • 24*7 Help and Support

Driver Mobile App

Help your drivers perform work more efficiently and productively by providing them with a quality mobile application designed with the following exciting options

  • Navigation planning
  • Trip planning
  • SOS button
  • Trip history


We support Govt. Mandate AIS 140 GPS units and CE and FCC certified GPS devices of various brands like Teltonika, Ruptela, Coban, Itriangle etc. To know more contact us


We also support IoT sensor devices for Load, RFID reader, Temperature, Fuel, Seatbelt, Door, Immobilizer, Panic button etc. To know more contact us

Why Us?

Our VTS solution - the combination of intelligence, innovation, and automation - helps clients to achieve unprecedented levels of business efficiency, sophistication, and quality. We are committed to providing:

  • End-to-End, Flexible Solution
  • Professional and Certified Personnel
  • Hassle-free experience to stakeholders
  • Detailed and customized analytics reports
  • Round the clock Technical Support
  • Easy and complete Fleet Management System

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